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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Blogging, Life with Science

Welcome!  Time for me to start blogging!

After blogging for a few weeks I thought I would go online and research how to successfully blog. Reading post with titles such as, “Ten worst mistakes in Blogging”, I have now committed 8 of the 10 worst mistakes. I want a perfect score.

It appears that my first blog must explain clearly what my blog is about. I should never underline or bold words. I have no idea who created these rules.

I have always had problems with rules. Guidelines are acceptable, advice I appreciate, constructive criticism is helpful.

Rules make a convenient lists of things I can use to agitate self important people.

Clearly explaining what I want to blog about is easy. I don’t know the answer. By education, experience and personality I prefer to use science and technology for problem solving and understanding the world. For now, I just wish to write. On any subject, any topic, any genre. As an engineer I have filled thousands of pages of technical writing, training manuals, and articles for trade magazines, specifications, patents, and blue prints. All of this material was directed at a very small, targeted audience. At college I was allowed to substitute technical writing for composition. My Techlish (technical writing) is pretty good. I would now like to learn how to write in English.

I’m not selling anything. I don’t want you to think like me.

Observe the world and wonder at what you see.

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