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Monday, November 28, 2011

A disconnected US Congress

Congress is so disconnected (and artificially disconcerted) from the middle class and the struggling working person that they are not even aware there is a problem. They have isolated and insulated themselves with a high salary, superb health care and a golden parachute retirement package. They have exempted themselves from the law, becoming a legal professional criminal class. I’m not being harsh, cynical or even judgmental, just realistic. This link outlines the insider trading that would get you or I arrested, hopefully it will at least allow you to voice your disgust. http://stopinsidertradingincongress.com/

From all the speeches I hear, the debates I watch, the stories I read, Congress does not know or understand the basic issues being faced by the middle class. They have their sound bites carefully rehearsed having been crafted by professionals. When they do make a mistake they blame their “handlers”, it is just not their fault. Most of the politicians on the national stage have been practicing for years, they are smooth, glib, smiling, hitting their marks better than any professional actor. Your congress person does not have to worry. All possible harm will slide by unnoticed
It hurts to realize that our political system is operating so far below its potential.

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Angel said...

Welcome to the blogging world, Dad. It'll be nice having another family member blog and be able to read their thoughts, ideas and opinions. I'm truly looking forward to it.