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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Advice for today’s generation.

The Greatest Generation (They won WW2, defeated communism, and took only 20 years to create the American century) taught me to be responsible, hard working, financially responsible, and learn a trade. Get married, start a family, buy a house, live in the house for 30 years paying off the mortgage. Take pride in your workmanship, live with honor, and be honest. Retirement will be my golden years.

There must have been some secret Mom forgot to tell me, I followed all these guidelines and retirement is bronze plated scrap iron.

Now it is my turn to give advice to the younger generation. Be responsible, learn a trade, become proficient at contract review, a master of financial engineering, knowledgeable of tax law, most importantly become a medical expert. Being a medical expert is critical, you can get everything right and one medical disaster will put you before the bankruptcy judge. You must be able to perform a kidney transplant at home with kitchen utensils.

Become an expert marksman and martial arts sensei. Right now millions of Islamic terrorist are swimming the Atlantic Ocean with AK-47s clenched in their teeth. They’ll be coming ashore at Miami Beach any day. Wild eyed bearded men shouting “Death to America”. Take personal responsibility and be afraid, be very afraid.

The future is now your responsibility. A hand full of people in my generation sold everything to China, took the money and slipped out of the country.

Best of luck kids.

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Angel said...

About fifteen years ago I discovered Douglas Coupland. I recommended his books to you (Microserfs and Generation X) and after you read them, you said, "He's the Kurt Vonnegut of your generation. He has the same voice but is addressing modern issues."

Now that I read this entry, dripping with cynicism and humor, I see that you have not only read Kurt Vonnegut but have digested his dark humor. :)