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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Boiling Frogs 2

My first ever post was about the boiling frog myth. Since then I have learned to write shorter post. For a much longer and more detailed discussion about boiling frogs reference my post of December 2.

The myth is that a frog will allow itself to be boiled alive when heat is slowly applied. We are all frogs being slowly boiled alive. What is boiling us? Select something that frightens you.

Government debt, check.
Socialization of medicine, check.
Illegal Islamic Mexican terrorist drug lords, check.
Spotted owls, check.
Global warming, check.
Have a little fun and make your own list.

This myth is a general purpose tool of politics. It can be used to gather monetary contributions, prove the politician’s deep concern for you personally, show their political opponents are willing pawns of the devil, in the hands of a skilled politician this is a powerful metaphor.

The myth is factually false. A frog will not be boiled voluntarily and neither will people. Our dysfunctional political system is incapable of even obvious corrections. It is only capable of increasing the heat, boiling the water.

Our electoral choices are between dumb and dumber, the least bad, who will cause the smallest damage. The last time I remember the selections being this bad was Hubert Humphery and Richard Nixon. The election of Richard Nixon was a turning point for our society. We have been in a downward spiral ever since 1970.

Choosing between bad and worse never ends well, we need to change the system so we can chose between good and better.

The change will be a long, slow process. More of the 99% become more dissatisfied each day, thinking about what was lost from yesterday and what could be tomorrow. The start of change begins with thinking.

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