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Sunday, December 4, 2011

From a hammock on a Caribbean beach

The hammock is the most comfortable way to read a book. It is more comfortable than any mattress or lazy boy chair. This week’s hammock is 40 feet from the Caribbean Sea, about 200 feet in front of the edge of a tropical rain forest and shaded by palm trees. Colorful tropical birds, and sea birds floating on the wind currents hunting their daily meal or just loafing about. Half Moon bay in Akumal is calm today, the surf gentle on the white sands of the beach. The tourist season starts soon and locals are busy painting the buildings, cleaning the beach, bringing in supplies and completing last minute repairs.
I watch a couple with snorkel gear wade into the water then slip into the waves, heading out to the reef less than a hundred feet from shore. It occurs to me that I don’t know what day it is, and then decide it doesn’t matter. I am here, it is now. I go back to reading my book.
At night the stars are visible in vast numbers, there is no light pollution and the sky is crystal clear. In a hammock you don’t have to look up, you just lay there. Orion dominates the night sky, the star Betelgeuse is bright, red, pulsing, it is easy to image it shedding vast amounts of its outer surface, solar flares that stream across the sky, pulsing in size. The occasional meteorite flashes across the sky, the surf creates a white noise that gently puts me to sleep.
Predawn light wakes me up. I make a cup of coffee and wait for dawn. Just before the sun rises over Half Moon bay the lower sky goes to a deep violet blue, a transient event lasting only minutes, fading to a normal sky blue as the sun rises.
It is a start of another day, whatever day it is.

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Donna said...

All days are good in Akumal.