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Friday, December 9, 2011

Winter Hammock almost ready.

My hammock is lake side with Elm and Ash trees, Cedar and the occasional birch, mixes of Saint Augustine and Bermuda grass with clumps of Johnson grass and weeds I can’t name which run down to the clay and gravel beach. Squirrels are taunting my dogs, the squirrels have learned that two or three can lure the dogs into the trees, the remaining dozen or so squirrels then clean out the dog bowl. Do the squirrels take turns, all getting an equal share of dog food? I’m going spend the next several weeks observing the action, and then I’ll get back to you.

Placing of the hammock requires care. Before hanging the bag I walk the selected area, imagining the view. Do I want the lake to dominate? Perhaps the forest? Maybe my neighbor’s backyard? She has a really nice backyard, with a nonfunctional old style Texas wind mill. She is a bird affectionado, and the yard contains bird feeders, bird bath, nesting boxes and hummingbird stations. The dogs are on constant patrol for cats (and squirrels), making the entire setup very avian friendly. I decide on tying off hooks in different locations, this will allow for an easy, quick change of view. For now, with book in hand, the background is the lake and shore line.

In a hammock you are exposed to the environment top, bottom, right and left. Today’s high was in the middle 50s, cooler than usual for Lake Conroe Texas. A sleeping bag solves this minor inconvenience.

With sunset the temperature drops like the breath of winter blowing off an ice field. I go inside and light the fireplace logs, then go online and start shopping for a thicker sleeping bag.

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