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Monday, January 2, 2012

Science Fiction Authors Needed (SFAN)

I am currently reading two books as I often read multiple books concurrently. I read books that my nephews and nieces call “serious books” or “hard to read”. I don’t like the term “serious book". I prefer to say they are a slow read. All the books I read are serious, if not, why bother?

Being a naturally lazy person, I don’t like to maintain this level of effort over the many weeks required to finish a slow read. My solution is to read another book purely for entertainment between chapters of the slow read book. I am reading “The Next Convergence”, by Michael Spence, a winner of the Nobel Prize in Economics. The other is an ebook (Kindle Edition) “Convergent Space”, by John-Paul Cleary. Both are excellent reads, I will probably read two more SciFi titles before I finish the economics book. The similarity of titles is pure coincident, the two books have nothing in common.

I am always looking for new names to add to my SciFi authors list. I will need approximately 24 new SciFi titles for 2012. Looking at the list, it is dominated by British authors. Following Mr. Cleary on Twitter @ConvergentSpace I have found a whole new group of British SciFi writers to follow. Sure, the British writers got a jump start with that Shakespeare guy then they got some cross channel influence from Jules Verne (French), then H.G. Wells, but we’ve had plenty of time to catch up. Where are the American authors, the Canadians or Australian?

This is a list of the authors I follow, alphabetic by last name. You may note many missing great writers, such as, Isaac Asimov, Arthur C Clark, Phillip K Dick, Robert Heinlein, Frank Herbert and Kurt Vonnegut.  I only included active writers. I am looking for new titles.

Douglas Adams
Ian Banks
Stephen Baxter
Greg Bear
Ben Bova
Ray Bradbury
Jack Campbell
Orson Scott Card
CJ Cherryh
John-Paul Cleary
Ian Douglas
Greg Egan
William Gibson
Joe Halderman
Peter Hamilton
Paul Mcauley
Jack McDevitt
Ian McDonald
Larry Niven
Paul Graham
Frederik Pohl
Geoff Ryman
John Scalzi
Neal Stephenson
Charles Stross
Vernon Vinge
Ian Watson
David Weber
Fay Weldon
Robert Wilson

I need to include Bernard Cornwell, he is not a SciFi writer, but I really like his stuff.

I am looking to extend my reading list of SciFi authors. Anyone have recommendations?  Need to build a library of ebooks for my new IPAD. With retirement I have a more relaxed world view with a lot of hammock time to fill.

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Patty said...

I would reccomend the Sir Terry Pratchett
"Discworld" series. It's more fantasy than scifi, but in the comedy range of Douglas Adams.
The alternate universe is slowly moving from magic to technology -- an exciting time for them.