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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

I am a demographically perfect model of a republican activist

As a registered republican I get a lot of republican solicitations, request for money that will be used to save America from Socialist-Nazi-Muslim-Democrats. I have trouble making those words fit together but I’m not a republican politician. I’m not any kind of politician, I’m simply a voter. The Republican Party I joined no longer exists, and I left the party in 2005. I am a financial conservative. There is no longer any segment of the Republican Party that is financially conservative. I once contributed to the Republican Party, had yard signs, that kind of stuff. When I left the party I expressed my views to the local party chair clearly stating that I was leaving. I guess you can’t quit the Republican Party since they still send me personal mail. I received a letter claiming “After compiling and modeling demographic information for the thousands of activists in our database, you were selected to represent voters in your area in the OFFICAL 2012 Presidential Platform Survey.” Really? I also received a letter from the “2012 Congressional District Census” claiming “Your registered census is one of the select few being mailed into Texas’ 8th Congressional District”. Really? I am the demographically perfect model of a republican activist?
I am a financial conservative. Republican financial conservatives of old were serious people that understood the meaning and importance of a national balanced account. They understood the meaning of “The full faith and credit of the United States of America”. Today’s definition of a fiscal conservative is a politician that will not pay the governments bills, I call that a dead beat. Listening to today’s republican politicians’ speeches they do not even know the difference between fiscal policy and monetary policy. Listening to my Republican representative in Congress he does not know the difference between the Federal Reserve and the Treasury Department. He says he will stop the Federal Reserve from printing money. The Fed does not print money. The Treasury Department is the only organization that can legally print money. The Federal Reserve is not a government department, while the Treasury Department is part of the federal government. I am paying my Republican representative $200,000 a year (plus benefits) and he doesn’t even understand how our government works.

Since the right is always right (just ask them) I must be the demographically perfect model of a republican activist, I enjoy reading the mail outs, the push polls can be entertaining as there is a live person calling. But I’m not answering any of the solicitations, the Presidential Platform Survey had a $35 minimum and the District Census had a $25 minimum, my church will do better work with the money.

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