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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Looking for a great Austin breakfast

I’m spending Christmas in Austin this year and plan to visit as many breakfast restaurants as I can fit in. This year Christmas comes on February 11th. Christmas is sometimes a fluid date for me, and this year it is definitely off date. While many have already entered the post holiday funk with New Year’s resolutions long broken. For me the Christmas tree is still blinking multicolor lights, presents are wrapped, the IPOD singing my Christmas favorites, and the season’s joy still fills my heart.
This year I’m adding the hunt for a great breakfast, breakfast for morning, noon and night, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Maybe a couple of brunches, Christmas should be good for at least 5 extra pounds on the waist, right? I’ll just make a New Year’s resolution to drop 5 pounds and all will be good.
Breakfast is not just the first meal, it is the best meal. Start the day with coffee and donuts, breakfast tacos for an afternoon break, biscuits and gravy before bed, with the classic ham and eggs anytime. Pancakes for lunch, Kolaches as a snack, the amassing thing is that my diabetes is under control with excellent short term and long term readings.
I should, if all goes well, be able to report some fantastic breakfast locations and menu selections.
I hope to get a few suggestions before leaving Saturday morning for Austin.

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