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Sunday, February 26, 2012

An Organic Breakfast Midnight Snack.

I really like breakfast, the menu selection is wide enough to allow for meals 24 hours a day. My wife, daughters and sister-in-laws all had this organic, healthy food awakening. They have been captured, converted, subliminally brainwashed, by Austin Texas and Whole Foods grocery. I don’t know what organic healthy food is, I do know what taste good, at least to me. Breakfast has all the food groups, you know, eggs, biscuits, gravy, pancakes, potatoes, bacon, donuts and coffee. I think that covers everything, right? Eggs have to be organic, they come from chickens, and chickens are organic. Pancakes? Take a cake and beat it flat with an iron pan, cake is organic bakery and beating something with an iron pan is perfectly natural. Breakfast is fully organic health food, although I’m not so sure about that fake sugar in the little pink packages.
As a child I was a ‘WonderKid”, a child raised on Wonder Bread. Wonder Bread has gone into chapter 11 bankruptcy taking Twinkies out of distribution. Not a big problem, Twinkies was a substitute for dunking in coffee but I can survive with the original donuts. Losing the white bread produced by Wonder Bread is a bigger problem, now I get these brown biscuits and bread made with wheat. Milk used to be milk, and then there was 2%, followed by 1% then the lactose free milk. If it is 1% milk what is the other 99%? What kind of lazy cow produces 2% milk? I don’t think milk is milk anymore. It is like sugar free syrup, caffeine free coffee or gravy without bacon grease. I am told this is organic and healthy. Apparently over the last few generations we moved from natural organic small farm produce food to mega-corporation mass produced cost optimized artificially colored tasty made-man chemicals, and Wonder Bread’s management didn’t keep up with the competition. So now Wonder Bread is gone and I am no longer the “WonderKid”.
Well, time for my late night breakfast snack and I’ll be having eggs over easy from free range chickens with whole wheat biscuits and flax gravy made with not-milk and some decaffeinated coffee. It’ll still taste pretty good.


Anonymous said...

Great blog post!

Anonymous said...

I don't remember any donuts from yesterday..and that's my
favorite part.

StevenGWyatt said...

Did you know that McDonald's until recently used ammonium hydroxide (a.k.a. pink slime) to treat inedible scrap meat to use in their burgers? And it looks like they were not the only ones...