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Friday, March 16, 2012

It’s about Religious Freedom

The argument is not about birth control, it is about religious freedom. Just as the civil war was not about slavery, it was about states’ rights. What states' right?  The states' right to legalize slavery. The religious freedom question is about the freedom to do what? The freedom of a religious organization to limit your freedom. The right to control women’s reproductive health care. The religious freedom argument is a smoke screen, if the question was about a cult’s religious freedom, what would be the Republican stance? We know their religious freedom stand for Islam, no mosque near ground zero, there is even a book “Stop the Islamization of America”; a book that claims stopping religious freedom protects American religious freedom. This is the twisted logic about the religious argument from the political right. I am not going to bother with the fallacy of an exclusively male dominated and controlled organization that reserves the absolute right to control a woman’s choices.
This is about politics and power, the power to force more than half of our population to practice bad medicine, the power to tell women what to do. They have claimed the religious freedom to hide child molesters, conduct inquisitions, burn witches, prosecute scientist, and defend slavery, centuries of unbridled authoritarianism. Religious freedom is the right to suppress the freedom of anyone who disagrees with the powerful. That is not moral or ethical. It is the egotism of power unchecked.
Combining politics and religion has always ended badly for the powerless average person. Religion as a standalone institution can be beneficial. Religious institutions can help the unlucky, protect the persecuted and offer great comfort in hard times. Religion can offer a moral compass, an anchor, developed over centuries of ministering to humans. Once religion gets political power and the unchecked authority of law it becomes oppressive and destructive. Power corrupts and giving religious institutions the power to force people to comply will corrupt absolutely. Let us stop the stupidity and allow women to make their own choices.

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Anonymous said...

The church does not seek to restrict anyone's right to birth control. They simply do not wish to pay for it since it is against their