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Thursday, July 12, 2012

The One World Government

The One World Government, a fear of libertarians, conservatives and the religious right. Those of us in the middle think a One World Government highly improbable, unlikely, maybe even impossible. I may have to change my mind because the people most vocally opposed to the idea are working hard to make it a reality. The major impediment to a One World Government is democracy. The majority of people would not put up with an oppressive dominating One World Government, the leaders would be voted out of office, long before they could achieve their goal. If one wishes to dominate the globe, democracy has to be defeated.
In America we have a low voter turnout, and the Republican Party is working hard to lower the turnout even further. Disenfranchisement of minority vote, directly by various “voter fraud” misinformation programs may be obvious, but getting the general public to lose faith in the democratic process is just as effective. Feeling that your vote doesn’t count will make you less likely to vote. Restricting the ability of government to help the middle class, or even to believe that it will worsen our well being, is just as effective at destroying democracy, or disbanding Congress. Indeed, many I talk with think disbanding Congress is a good idea. We should not disband Congress, we should make it functional.
Who benefits from a reduction of democracy? The rich and powerful, the less power in government the greater the power of this small elite group. Power does not disappear, it just moves around.
We have been compromised by the power of modern brainwashing and propaganda, these words are never used, instead we hear about “framing” and “messaging”, the products of marketing research. The rich now have unlimited “messaging” power, thanks to the Supreme Court’s decision on Citizens United, strongly supported by the political right. I listened to one commentator talking about how future leadership will be from corporations, not from government. Corporations are as democratic as the military.
Shareholder rights have been eroded to the point of nonexistent. No public corporation is even faintly democratic, while private corporations are personal Kingdoms. The corporate CEO’s run the show for their personal benefit. Good performance requires a large performance bonus while bad performance requires a large retention bonus. Of course they are not the elite; they are the “job creators”, more “messaging” by the elite which is faithfully parroted by the right.
On the international scale, the IMF takes away the right of sovereign democratic governments, making the "best" decisions for their population. Treaties for globalization restrict the ability to make decisions by nationally elected officials. All of these are non-democratic institutional policies that favor the 1% at the cost of the 99%. Democracy must be replace by unfretted Capitalism, this would create the new One World Government.

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Anonymous said...

It's so frustrating to feel like there is nothing one can do to right this ship we call earth. We can vote but so can the ones who
cause all the problem.