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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

I am the 47%

The less we know the more we suspect. This allows filling the blank page with the worst we can imagine. From this basic human frailty we weave conspiracy theories about fake moon landings. Governor Romney feeds this basic human failing by not telling us how he will run the country, what policies he will propose or which laws he will push. Now we learn that in private meetings with the other uber-rich he is not concerned with 47% of the American population, American's who are lazy, dependent victims blindly voting for President Obama. As a retired person I am a republican and I am the 47%.
Another homily, we say what we mean and we mean what we say. That defines an honest person.  Listening to talk radio this week, reading right-wing blobs and watching FOX news with their attempts to explain what Romney really meant is insulting. The arrogant hubris of these hosts with their conceited, simplistic ranting about “Makers” and “Takers” is insulting. For the readers not up to date on republican code words I will have to explain the code words, a “maker” is a rich person while a “taker” is someone with little or no money. The right (self proclaimed as always right) defines everything by money. In retrospect, it was natural that we would select a candidate whose sole qualification is money. Let us take Romney at his word, he is a “Maker” and 47% of American’s are “takers” intent on wasting his money. Governor Romney Sir, respectfully, money can’t buy happiness (explaining your unhappiness with 1/2 of America) and it can’t buy the white house.
It turns out that I am part of the 47%. I am part of the 47% due to the highly selective manner that Romney defines taxpaying. I do pay taxes, federal income taxes, property taxes, excise taxes and sales taxes. I pay fees to drive on toll roads, fees to go fishing, fees to have a car, fees to have a boat dock and fees to park in the city. I do pay taxes and I’ll show my federal tax statement to prove it. The good Governor calls me a leach because I receive social security (which is taxed by the federal government). He claims that social security is bankrupt even as social security holds about $3 trillion in government bonds (will he say the same of the government bonds held by New York banker friends?). He is now building logic to seize the social security fund, taking away a benefit I paid into for 45 years. Impounding the social security fund will be a retroactive tax on my wages going back to 1963. Who is the maker and who is the taker in this case? I make social security solvent over my working life and Romney will now take it because I am an undeserving self inflected victim.
The less we know the more we suspect. Romney left the page blank because his real intentions are worse than I could have imagined.
I was trying not to write another political blog. Most of the political blogs I read are insipid blubbery from medieval intellects. Unfortunately I was finding it hard to justify the republican ticket and I was probably not going to vote. But now the republicans have just pissed me off. I am the 47% and I am not dependent, I am not entitled, I earned my way, I am not frightened, I am not lazy, I am not a victim.

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alice said...

We are also the 47%. I resent that I am put into a group who is a waste of time and money for Romney's campaign since he thinks people like us will support the president no matter what. I'm afraid this election reminds me of the legal world's opinion of juries...that they choose who they like or believe and just accept the evidence that proves their pre-formed opinions. I've lost interest in this election. I'm thinking that I have no way of knowing whose plans will work, whose numbers are correct, or what effect any of it will have on the country or on my life.