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Sunday, October 7, 2012

Makers vs. Takers

"Makers" and "Takers", the conceptual view of the human population held dear to the hearts of Romney and Ryan, an ideology starting with a simplistic idea then using misinterpreted facts as proof. The fatal flaw of this ideology is its starting concept, human beings are not simple. Instead we are extraordinarily complex. Mohandas Gandhi and Adolf Hitler, Genghis Khan and Buddha, all human beings that show the amassing variety of humans. I sometimes think that I am several different people each with a different personality and world view. There is my professional engineer personality with deliberately suppressed emotions and a tightly trained problem solving approach. There is my grandfather personality that is emotional, forgiving and easygoing. Placing the entire American population into just two personality types is for me unimaginable. What world does Romney/Ryan live in that allows this poorly contoured vision? These men are not alone; I know many that share this concept. A foundation of the Tea Party is the “Maker” vs. “Taker” world interpretation.
Is this simply a simple mind with a simple idea? No, it is another part of the complexity that makes us human. A part of everyone wishes for a magic bullet easily fired. We all wish for clarity and simple understandable answers. If we buy a camera we don’t want to deal with mind bending optical physics, we want to point and shoot. However, the engineer did have to deal with the physics of light moving through a transparent crystalline structure.
As a citizen I want the government to supply understandable solutions, at a minimum I want those solutions to “do no harm”, at best the solution should improve something. I have been busy practicing my trade as an engineer, I have been busy raising a family, I have been busy getting through the day. I hired (voted) politicians (and pay them very well) to handle the complexity, to understand and figure out a solution. I don’t wish for a simple minded politician blindly shooting magic bullets to kill the “Takers”.

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