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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The male female dichotomy

It’s hard to run fast with children gripping your skirt. It is hard to fight with a babe in arms. Children are dependent, they feel entitled to food and all kinds of stuff plus they whine a lot. Thinking about this I wonder if the basic human response of fight or flight may not be as universal as it presented. A woman with a child would prefer a third option, something other than fight or flight, maybe not to be placed in the position to start with. Men welcome the fight or flight event, there lies honor and heroics, the chance to prove something. Women enjoy watching these heroics; my wife enjoys watching a football contest when she an emotional attachment to one of the teams. Women prefer to not engage directly in smash mouth activities. Women avoid fight or flight situations when possible while men will seek them out. Teenage boys will fight with even a flimsical excuse, I clearly remember that. Now I watch old men fight each other about things even they don’t even care about. Fight or flight is a male response, women prefer leave-now-before-something-happens. Men and women have fundamentally different out looks and priorities.
This difference is statistically observable between male/female stock traders and I perceive this in the powerful female CEOs currently running major corporations. As a group they are more thoughtful and cautious while still maintaining a lethal capitalism. This has given corporations of the advanced nations a significant advantage, by combining the male and female proclivities some institutions have moved to a new level. In retrospect it is hard to understand the battle from Susan B. Anthony to Gloria Steinem. Equality should have been apparent not a long hard struggle. This battle is not finished but the benefits to society are clear and incontestable. Men and women have fundamentally different out looks and priorities and those societies that are successfully integrating the male-female dichotomy are stronger societies.
The current list of issues that women are presenting to our political system seems to me to be equally obvious as beneficial to our society. Seeing child care or equal pay as a threat lacks any intellectual basis. Those societies that have already adopted some of these practices are reaping the benefits while we look like yesterday's story.
As a male I won’t be marching with you, I’m staying home to watch the football game. As the father of two daughters and two granddaughters you have my support ladies. Doesn’t that sound just like a man.

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