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Saturday, November 3, 2012

After the election

The nation is split 50/50. Whoever wins this election half of American’s will be unhappy. If President Obama wins the angry old white men will still be angry old white men. If Romney wins the angry old white men will still be angry old white men. I am a registered republican, I am old and I am white but I am not often angry so I don’t quite fit.  I have decided that I will be angry no matter who wins this election. This will allow me to fit into the local community, a camouflage of enraged blandness. I will be an uptight irascible old man indignant with the gullibility of anyone that dares think different than me! The next election campaign starts on Wednesday, November 7th. We will throw the bums out!
The media is reporting that a couple of billion dollars will be spent on the 2012 campaign, about $6.50 for every man, woman and child in American or about $20 for each actual voter or a dollar for ever Chinese in the world. We spend more for elections than any other country in the world. No one else even gets close. As an angry old guy I certify that the results are substandard. Just as with health care we spend more and get less. We measure freedom of speech in dollars and we lead the world in freedom of speech. There is no method for measuring truth in dollars so we have no metric for truth in our freedom of speech, same for honesty or facts. I can’t afford much free speech and have to settle for grousing as an angry old man, passing my annoyance onto the next generation.
Hopefully this act will work. I really don’t want my house burned down by a mob of angry old men.

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