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Sunday, November 11, 2012

The meaning of dreams

I had an aunt who could interpret dreams. As a teenager she would ask me about my dreams and then explain what the dream foretold, what it indicated about my personality or important crossroads in my life. She collected herbs and explained to me that if my palm itched I would come into money. To my astonishment she was 100%. 100% wrong. She was the perfect example of a southern lady, always treating me with kindness. A gentle loving touch after my father had beaten me for some childish fool behavior. Like most males I maintained childish fool behavior well into my thirties and I thoroughly enjoyed it. After she had passed I missed her greatly. My mother and my aunts were the only women of my life that would always forgive any action or word. This created a shock once I started hanging out with girls in my late teens and early twenties and then discovered that women could be very cruel. A note to women, you are not training your young sons and nephews in real world expectations for interacting with young girls.
Back to dreams, I still wonder about hidden meanings and potential predictive facility. The vast majority of my dreams fade from memory within minutes of waking. There are a few repeating themes that I do remember. There is my dog dream. This is a pleasant comforting dream with pass canine companions. It is usually a rural setting and the dogs can communicate, not with spoken words but we still can communicate. They chase tennis balls and Frisbees, we hunt squirrels together. We swim in lakes and rivers or just run across fields. I truly enjoy this dream and cherish the experience.
Sometimes I dream of my wife, it is not the older woman I live with, it is the younger woman I meet decades ago. I am the younger man of the same time. There are never any dogs in this dream. This is a calm dream where we scuba dive or travel or just walk around, no big action scenes in this dream.
There is a recurrent monster dream. Like most people I check that all doors are locked and the house secure before I retire to bed. In this dream I am locking some door when suddenly there is growling and banging on the other side of the door with the handle shaking. I have to lock the door before whatever can get in. I always get the door locked just barely in time. Something crashes against the door, sometimes the door buckles and splinters but it holds. Somehow I exit the house, occasionally walking through walls. Suddenly one or more of my old canine companions appear next to me. Most often it is Pepper, a hundred pound German Sheppard I had for 17 years. Of course we can communicate and Pepper is in her prime. Between the two of us we hunt the monster. We must catch the monster, we must kill the monster, we must. All my tomorrow's depend on killing the monster. Sometimes there is a chilling number of monsters.  We never catch the monster but it is a very intense dream. This is not technically a nightmare. The most frightening part is getting the door locked, after that it becomes an extremely dangerous hunt. Sometimes I wake up with a jolt, shakened and covered with sweat. Sleep does not return easy.
Try as I may I can find no meaning in these dreams. I am considering using the Native American Peyote ritual to tease out any hidden meanings. That is legal now, isn't it?

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Gary Yamamoto said...

I have been teaching and interpreting dreams for over 40 years. During that time, I have had hundreds of people share their dreams of being chased or hiding from monsters.
The dream message is that whatever is chasing you is what you are becoming. There is something deep inside of you that you are afraid to let out. Your fear is that it will change you, make you into a different person. So you fight to keep them out.
Dogs in a dream are a sign of being a friendly and loyal person. They indicate that this is the type of person you are So you are locking your doors (to your mind and life) to keep from going into or doing something different.
There is really nothing to fear, as long as it is not a psychic dream. If you have had this dream a long time, then it is probably not a psychic one. So you have very little to fear.
I hope this helps you. IF you would like to know about how to analyze your dreams, you can visit my website. It is www.creativedreamanalysis.com.
Good luck.