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Thursday, December 20, 2012

American SKAMMERS Unite

Another political essay, these are the easiest to write, using the web standard for political blogging, being knowledgeable is not required, anything imaginable can be labeled a fact and naming your opposite as stupid are all irrefutable authoritative techniques. Political essays are popular and widely read, with the most extreme becoming money machines for the authors. The right wing has discovered how to use politics to create personal wealth, I find this appealing, wishing fortune and fame I shall disclose of the greatest political threat facing American freedom. BO, (a derogative for President Obama) is planning legislation to construct all new roads with Kenyan cheese.
This is part of the radical socialist plan to undermine our Christian nation, our personal freedom, our financial wealth and personal responsibility, our marriages, our families, our constitutional guarantees and states’ rights, our health care system, our national defense, our rugged individualism, our liberty, our conservative grass root organizations and pro-growth tax policies, all destroyed by the tree hugging, feminazi, elitist, tax and spend, death panel, amnesty granting, big government, pro-choice, latte drinking, Volvo driving, redistributionist food stamp president. It is the plan of the leftist, Maoist, socialist, communist, Marxist to destroy America's rightful superior place as the world's leader of it's values. If I missed any talking point is only because there are so many liberal deceptions to choose from.
 I have uncovered information about BO’s secret meeting at the Kenyan capital in Moscow, New Zealand, near South America; this would be hard to believe if it wasn’t true. If you don’t comprehend the danger, that is because you are too stupid to understand our solid fact based argument, I have shared this fair and balanced information with you and there is no debate possible.
To fight this atrocity I have started an online organization; “Stop Kenyan Atrocity Magnification” (SKAM), to save all true American patriots from the radical liberal tyranny, those who use political correctness to suppress the truth, they will fail because we stand united against the liberal storm troopers. As Skammers we are the new American Revolution, we believe in the U.S. constitution God gave us in 836 AD, for we have the facts on our side, we have the strength of moral conviction, we must save the United States of America by seceding, and we have a duty to hurt anyone who stands against us.
Our fight will be hard duty, we face ACORN, an international organization with tens of millions of brain washed members (Those we know as sheeple). We all know for a fact that ACORN illegally stole the recent election, and we know for a fact that ACORN was responsible for Benghazi. ACORN will turn America into Kenyan, creating a one world government dedicated to redistribution of the wealth from hard working patriots to lazy traitors.
I hope I have reached that persecuted minority of real American patriots, and that you will respond with your checkbooks (be sure to buy my latest book, The Real American SKAMMERS). The existential threat is clear and urgent. It is up to us to save America from the cancerous growth of socialism that will destroy God’s true America.

Wow, formulaic writing is easy. The ACORN theme is a reliable rabble rouser, even though there is no such organization, ACORN was disbanded April 1, 2010.
I wonder what survival advantage existed in being easily manipulated? This behavior is so common it must have been part of us for a long time. We are all children of those that survived the harshest of test. Why is this dysfunctional behavior so deeply rooted in all of us, even more interesting, why do we have the ability to see it? We are truly strange creations. This behavioral pattern is clearly self destructive in our complex modern world. The most successful modern societies are pragmatic.


Benc460 said...

You forgot BO's plan to take away our guns and infiltrate Jihadist Muslims into the US so he can implement Sharia Law in the US (I seriously saw that posted the other day at HP).

Unknown said...

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