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Saturday, December 22, 2012

College bowl marathon

The college bowl marathon is now five games long, only maybe another hundred or so to go. On Sunday I will get some relief by watching an NFL game I actually have some emotional attachment with, for the first time in history, Houston has a really good NFL team. The Oilers I followed had a habit of breaking my heart. They set the record for allowing the largest comeback in NFL playoff history, 1993 versus the Bills, I hid in a closet and wept that night, not great open sobs, just a quite manly sniffle.
The college bowl games do have wild trick plays that the NFL pros would stop dead. Young athletes striving to prove themselves on the big stage is a wonder to watch, the unpredictability of college coaches can amaze. The weather is cold, the fireplace blazing, the recliner comfortable, the announcers replaced by Christmas music, snacks laid out, and still my interest wanes, still I feel incomplete, my mind wanders to a good civil war history I am reading, turning on my electronic reading device I feel much better, I now have something to fill the numerous periods of timeouts and commercials. There can be long stretches between notable sports action. If I don’t maintain focus on the bowl marathon I might amble off and do something worthwhile.
I checked the Guinness Book of World Records (I don't have a current issue), and there is no entry for most bowl games watched, an opportunity for notoriety. What are the guidelines? I am certain that dozing is allowed when watching college bowl games, can I sleep through most of a game and it will still count as game watched, do I need an official observer, do recorded games count, or only real time viewing?
Maybe this is one of those things I should not admit to, a personal action I should not talk about before strangers or in mixed company.

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