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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Dogs and car windows

Dogs love to ride with their head out the window, nose into the wind. Dogs are smart enough to not jump out of the window, but, one of them could fall out of the window. My last Chow had an incredible sense of balance; he could have been a big-wave surfer, riding in the car he always leaned into the turn, back balanced for stops and dug in for acceleration, never to stumble or fall. My new Chow has no sense of balance, she spends a lot of time bouncing around the car interior and climbing out of the floor board area. None the less, without fear, she loves to stick her head out the window and put her nose into the wind. Even with her graceless sense of balance I still allow her to stick her head out the window, I always have a restraint attached to her and keep one hand on the other end of the leash. I just can’t deprive her of this most basic doggy joy, withholding this simple act would be a form of dog cruelty. So I roll the window all the way down, and she puts her nose into the wind, her long hair swept back and ears folded down, in some kind of foggy doggy heaven, eyes trying to see everything at once.
When I was a child I would put my hand out the window and image my hand an airplane wing, tilting it to fly up and swoop down. Is my dog having some similar experience, thinking this is what a bird feels? That she is flying without effort?
Is my dog experiencing the feel of speed? Land flashing by with the wind blowing her hair straight back, imaging that nothing could out run her. She does love to run; this could be the ultimate experience of speed, raw unrestrained speed.
I don’t know what she is thinking. It sure looks like fun though.

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