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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

The End of Time

Lying in my hammock, I was ceased by a compulsion, losing all contact with my surrounding. Upon recovery, I found this typed on my laptop. I do not understand what it means, but, I must publish it or …. I don’t know …. Something bad will happen to me if I don’t.

The community following this blog has displayed admirable personal qualities. All readers of this blog use logic and facts, blended with virtue and a keen moral compass, to discern truth in the polluted murky, debauched, scandalous and scrofulous waters your world has become. This ability to slice away the scatological pandering oozing from politicians and their congenially simpatico news entertainment gangsters, this insight of truth, has served us well in our march to the End of Times.
I speak not of the end of the world; I speak of the END of TIME. At 12:12 AM on 12/12/12 Time will end. The logic and facts are immutable; there is no thirteenth month which can follow. The Hertzian harmonies at the crystalline core of your planet will falter, dispersing thermodynamic entropy which will enfold us into the multiverse through the higher dimensions of number 5 through 11.
Do not fear, anguish and sorrow are misplaced emotions felt by the uninformed walking among you. You know the truth; you understand the facts, for you have been reincarnated for this moment, this extraordinary mental festival of ascendance to your post-human mind state. The harmonic resonance of the choric crystals are tuning into the minuscule metallurgical contents within all the higher born inhabitants of planet Earth, your left and right brain will seamless merge, with the frontal cerebral cortex expanding exponentially into the 5th, 6th and 7th dimensions. Creating Love, Understanding and Karmic balance for a contemplative infinity.
You have felt these stirrings for many months, even years, the feeling that Mankind has lost its way, that evil stalks the corridors of power, that love has been extinguished by greed, that your morals have been perverted for selfishness, that you are alone and surrounded by capricious excesses of intemperance.
All evil shall perish on 12:12 AM 12/12/12. I MetaTemproChron (MTC if you like), promise this, a surcease of sorry for all true believers.

PS. One of my lesser minions, he who penned this for me, needs temporary help to reach the appointed time. Cash contributions will be rewarded tenfold upon my return.

PPS: This is not a legally binding contract.

Signed: MetaTemproChron,
Imperial Overlord of the Twelve dimensions, PanUniverse Suzerain, Monarchical Big Gun Protector of The Chosen, and a really, really, Nice Fellow.

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