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Monday, January 28, 2013

New Clothes

The FedEx driver had my package. I signed for delivery, exchanged some pleasant chatter and went inside. Opening the package I find a sack of gray powder and two tissue thin sheets of paper, my new NanoThreads, the best and most advanced clothing available.
After several unsuccessful starts I decide to read the instructions, I have to go online and register the nano chips, that will activate them, and then I have to set the nano chips for my DNA. I prick my finger with the sterilized needle and bury the finger tip in the nano particles, the nano stirs and starts to climb up my arm, slowly covering my entire body. A perfect fit of shirt, pants and shoes, more nano chips roll across my arms to form a jacket. Taking one of the thin sheets I place in on my back, the nano chips flow over it and it disappears, the computer is installed, the other sheet is the battery and is placed over the derriere, this is not my only choice, the instructions allow them to go anywhere the nano chips have access. Everything is at the default factory setting, the colors are earth tones and the style slightly old fashion. The nano chips have formed an ear piece and a stereopticon in my eyebrows, an interface appears before my vision and I hear:
 “All systems integrated and functional”.
The ear piece and stereopticon blend perfectly with my skin and are invisible to causal observation. The nano chips have a prismatic ability and can present any possible color. For an optional style I download an old favorite, it seconds I’m wearing bell bottom jeans, tie dyed T-shirt, beret hat and a motorcycle jacket. Now I feel normal.
I settle down to read the rest of the instructions. The NanoThread is self repairing, has a water proof setting, adjustable to any climate, self cleaning, has a high reflection setting for night safety, a camouflage setting for hunters, corset settings to move fat bellies up, self defense features, it can form a life jacket, the instruction manual is over 200 pages. There is a list of online sites dedicated to NanoThread possibilities, designs and apps, security software, plus some adult only uses.
For years I had resisted this march of technology. Some early events almost stopped it cold, a few teenage boys hacked the system and all women’s clothing would fall off in shopping malls, the early design had to be sequentially used or the pants and shirt would start fighting, and the high density carbon bucky ball battery could short causing terrible burns. Eventually I relented when some government legislation required NanoThreads to enter public areas.
Designated organization had over ride codes that could lock the NanoThreads in place and immobilize a dangerous person, a quick method of stopping a crazed gun man. When the police yelled stop, you stopped.
I had sold my back as a bill board for $5 a month, with a Coke ad running, I set off for Wal-Mart.

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