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Sunday, January 13, 2013


There are secrets in my home, an unknown just beyond my reach, I don’t know what is going on, a good definition of secret, however there are things that don’t add up, clues and mystery that confound me, dishes with Christmas patterns that have disappeared, holiday clothing no longer available, cards wishing a good New Year or joyful holidays nowhere in sight. The signs of Christmas yore have disappeared. A sift of my castle’s ambiance from holiday cheer to the cold dead of winter. A mystery, a secret cabal, an environmental redesign, one in which I was not consulted. I want Christmas to last longer, peace on earth and good will to all mankind should endure beyond a single month.
All this conspiracy transpired within mere days. First I noticed the change in the flavored coffee being brewed, and then the fireplace mantle lost the faux pine brush and small blinking lights. I have mounted a guard on the Christmas tree, the Christmas tree will stand!
Who is behind this erasing of delight, and the signs of cheer? Is there a sealed container deep in the darkness of my attic with all the joy and merriment locked away? I don’t know, it is all a secret to me, a challenge for some detective, maybe a research opportunity for some social science professor. Why do we walk away from a good deal?

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