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Monday, January 14, 2013

Women have the better deal

We have our socially assigned duties, my wife cooks, I clean the kitchen, my wife changes the bedding, I carry out the garbage, my wife silently reads female porn while I watch football, my wife hides my stuff, and then I search for my stuff. All activities agreed to be normal behavior. There is an imbalance in these arrangements and women got the better of the deal.
This is not immediately apparent, women are paid less, women carry the burden of family obligations, and women work harder for the same success. All this, and much more, argues that women do not enjoy the advantages of a true meritocracy.
Women got the better deal of greater expectations, women have a greater range of decisions, and women have a larger future to select from. Note the set of any television talking head panel, the men are all dressed the same, for the male participant, first select a dark suit, chose between white or blue shirt, and then add a sufficiently neutral tie. The women can select from a wide range of colorful attire. Being on TV all panel members have makeup, the men just enough so they don’t look sick, the women can accent facial features or make their eyes striking. Women can even do a “make over”, completely changing their public manifestation. A “make over” for a male associate would be a marketing disaster. This vastly increased set of possibilities force women to spend time and mental effort on a wider range of life. One immediate result is that women are exciting while men are boring. Over a longer time frame women are thinking more than men.
More females are completing college than males, females are displacing males in congress, the greater hardships that women face are forcing them to become more successful by dealing with those hardships.
As a male I certainly don’t wish to start doing a “make over” or to upgrade my fashion selections. Men do need more pressure on them to expand, the agreed social duties and roles need to be redefined, just not by me. I am content being fat, dumb and happy.

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