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Thursday, February 21, 2013

I am still Conservative

Republicans fear the youth vote, those voters under 55, or anyone that did not vote for President Reagan. This creates a personal dilemma for me, I did vote for Reagan, and I did vote for Bush. I did not vote for McCain or Romney. The party has lost the youth vote and now I ask why some of the faithful turned away. This is a personal account, not a review of the demographic data or broad surveys. It is observational and empirical.
By definition a fiscal conservative avoids deficit spending, advocates a balanced budget, preferring spending cuts or tax increases to borrowing.
I am a fiscal conservative and do not find the Republican Party or its offshoots trust worthy, they only talk fiscal conservative principles when in the minority, while in the majority they have not created conservative fiscal legislation since President Nixon. President Eisenhower was the last republican president to be a consistent fiscal conservative. Today if you wish to find a fiscally conservative republican you need a history book. President Reagan introduced the concept that deficits don’t matter. President G.W. Bush started wars using borrowed funds while Vice President Dick Cheney repeated deficits don’t matter. Republican Congresses create corporate tax favors fueling greater deficits. The principle of fiscal conservatism has morphed into “Starve the beast”, replacing solid fiscal oversight with libertarian fanaticism.
I believe in science. My career and reputation were built on science. I was well paid by corporations to solve problems; science and mathematics were my only tools. In hundreds of trials science never failed me, institutions failed me, people failed me and sometimes I failed myself, but science never failed me. The party of President Eisenhower, the Republican Party, which led America’s response with science to the Russian Sputnik, is now anti-science.
Science is as often the parent of heresy as allegiance. Ideology cannot concede any heresy, the medieval church could not abide Galileo and modern republicans cannot abide meteorologist or geologist. I cannot abide this hostility to science.
By definition a conservative is traditional in attitude and values, cautious about change, emphasizing stability and continuity.
War is the most hazardous enterprise a nation can face, the cost unknowable, the outcome doubtful. A conservative would approach war with caution, the current Republican Party rushes into war, the candidates for office promise to attack Iran and crush the Islamic threat. The War on Terror is not conservative.
An organization as large and powerful as the American government must have some conservative leadership, it must be tempered by caution, it must have stability and continuity and its finances require these same attributes.
America is without a conservative party, the Democratic Party wins the mantle of a conservative guardian because no other contender entered the arena.
Voting democratic was not my first choice, it was my last choice.

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