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Saturday, February 23, 2013

Identifying Low Information Voters

You might be worried that you are a Low Information Voter, to help answer this question I have made a list of questions. This is a review of the basic facts you need to know to be an informed voter. All questions are a yes/no response, this is not an essay test, and discussion is not permitted.

Global warming is a scam
Evolution is a scam
Science is scam
The Universe is 6,000 years old
Guns don’t kill
The military needs more guns
Rising tides have something to do with economics
President Obama was born in Kenya
Banks should be deregulated
Women should be regulated
President Reagan personally defeated the Soviet Union
Trickle-down economics makes the poor rich
Iraq had WMDs
Saddum Hussein organized the 9/11 attacks
The Federal government spends one trillion dollars a year on welfare
47% of American’s are “Takers”
The Black helicopters are real
President Obama has committed impeachable acts
An elite education is bad
Sesame Street is socialist
Rape isn’t really rape
Rape pregnancy is a female option
Rape is a gift from God
Democratic election fraud is rampant
Tax receipts increased after President GW Bush lowered tax rates
Conservatives are smarter than Democrats
Democrats hate facts
Fox News is Fair and Balanced
All other news has a liberal bias
Obama has instituted Sharia Law
The government is destroying Christian religion
Christians are persecuted in America
The 10th amendment supersedes the rest of the Constitution
All Constitutional amendments after the 10th amendment are unconstitutional
Donald Trump is qualified to be President
Social Media is liberal mind control
Video games create mass murders
Obama hates America
Compromise is destroying America

I hope you passed the test (all statements are true), knowing that you are a High Information Voter you can feel secure of making the right choice for the right candidate. If you got even one question wrong you are a Low Information Voter, the Conservative standard is very exclusive. Conservatives need all help possible to move America forward into the 17th century while maintaining the best of the 15th century.
Creating this list of questions I realized what makes a Low Information Voter and the staggering amount of work facing us conservatives.

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