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Saturday, February 9, 2013

The Low Information Voter

Another political essay, just what the world needs, this critical shortage of political blogs demands my attention. I am compelled to assist in correction. The political right has noted the problem and identified this as the central dilemma we need to deal with, the Low Information Voter, the ignorant young uninformed blissful voter. Well, OK, it is also a problem with Spanish voters, and Oriental voters, and Black voters and female voters. However, these Low Information Voters (and their brethren) cast their wasted votes for a democratic President. If not for the dumb voters, Romney would have won by a landslide.
I am just one writer, one teaspoon in an ocean, one small rock next to the mountain, but I have to try. I will reach out to the Low Information Voter in an attempt to educate and inform.
Conservatism needs better messaging. The issue is solely one of marketing, after all President Nixon introduced modern marketing to politics before he resigned office in disgrace. Republicans were the masters of marketing and we have lost our mojo, we all fondly remember “I like Ike”. Ah, those were the days. Who can forget President Reagan’s “Man is not free unless government is limited” (Ok, he stole that one from Jefferson, but his delivery was flawless). President Bush imploring American’s to fight terrorism by going shopping was marketing genius. That was the republican messaging machine in its prime.
As a committed conservative I just need to figure out how to talk to all the stupid people, inform them that they are completely controlled by The Daily Show and how they need to listen to me. For now, I will stay with two points, using only the clarity of logic.
Alf Landon, the republican Presidency candidate of 1936, predicted that Social Security would bankrupt America in 20 years. He was right, 20 years from now Social Security will bankrupt America.
Now look at the Global Warming scam pushed on Low Information Voters by the liberal media, how anyone can believe this! Look at the list of the ten hottest days from twenty years pass and the list from today, nothing has changed, there is still exactly ten days!
Conservatives need to spend more money on consultants, focus groups and market research. The Low Information Voter can’t understand logic. Conservatives need to find their way back to the perfect sound bite.

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