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Sunday, April 7, 2013

There is Something in the water

There is Something in the water. It is a story that explains everything. There is Something in the water, that is our problem. My simple, confused, and conceited mind had accepted concepts about making choices, about balancing risk vs. reward, a kind of a karmic sort of thing. Then I figured it out, there is Something in the water. We all drink the water, we use the water to make Kool-Aide and chicken soup. An artful sneaky plan so simple we all missed it.
Water is simply impossible, it cannot exist. Water cannot be compressed, it dissolves all, and it exists as a solid, a liquid and a gas all at the same instant. Water recycles perfectly. The water I drink today is exactly the same water that dinosaurs drank millions of years pass. Two hydrogen atoms from the beginning of time, and one oxygen atom cooked up in a star then released in a super nova, combined in an interstellar gas cloud warmed by ultra violet light. Then frozen into a comet and brought to earth until the oceans were full. This is what I was taught when I learned magic. I was a good student of the occult, mastering physics, chemistry and mathematics. I was taught the magic that keeps bridges from falling down, and the spells of enchantment which allow me to fly in aluminum cans across the sky. I believed all this, and I faithfully practiced the arts of illusion, then, one day, I realized that water was impossible. With that single insight, the entire abracadabra was gone like fog at sunrise.
Someone put Something in the water, a very long, long time ago. It is all clear to me now. Now I know why we think guns don't kill. Now I know why we select idiots for leaders. Now I know why we dress little girls as cheerleaders, and then make them dance in public. It only affects humans. Whoever did this has no interest in animals. We are the experiment.
I haven’t had a drink in days, with each passing hour I can see with greater clarity, the truth will set you free. I need to get the story out, I must spread the words.
There is Something in the water.

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