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Friday, May 31, 2013

Obama Care vs. Freedom and Liberty

Republicans claim freedom and liberty must be protected from the tyranny of government. This ideology dictates that any national health care plan, administered by government, is a tyrannical attack on personal freedom and liberty. This logic allows the republicans to not forward any alternative, as any government program would be restrictive of our constitutional rights. Are the advanced nations with a rational health care system less free than Americans? Are the French, the Japanese, or the Canadians less free than Americans? Attempts to answer this question by objectively measuring freedom and liberty consistently rate America at about 7th or 8th place. Based on my subjective personal experience, all these nationalities enjoy freedom and liberty and are healthier. We pay more and get less, which is not what the Founding Fathers had in mind. Freedom and liberty are not the result of collective stupidity.
A free market, with no government interference, will provide the best and cheapest medical care. If this is true, why didn’t it happen in 1760 or 1890 or 1920, all periods with the stated conditions? Egypt has a free unrestricted health care market, so why do their rich elites go to France for medical care? If the free market is the best solution, why hasn’t it produced the promised results in at least one case? This is an ideology that falls apart when you ask, when has it worked, or where has it worked?
Ideology is not inherently bad. Accepting a basic ideology, such as the Ten Commandments or the Boy Scout oath, can guide you in very complex decisions. Using a basic ideology to make decisions and improve your life requires the proper interpretation of the ideology. “Thou Shall Not Kill” must have a selective interpretation by a foot soldier, the Boy Scout oath to “Keep yourself physically strong” does not include damaging physical enhancement drugs. The ideology of personal freedom also requires proper interpretation; my personal freedom cannot limit your personal freedom, I do not have the personal liberty to drive 100 MPH in a school zone.
The argument against a national health care plan has all the strength of a wet paper towel, an argument based in a flawed interpretation of our founding principles. Politicians never say what they really mean, whenever a politician makes an argument it is a safe bet that their objective is something entirely different. A successful politician is the one most successful at manipulation, the one that can best counterfeit sincerity. We all have to discount the politician’s advice and ponder the case based on rational thought. When politicians ask the wrong question, what are the odds of getting the right answer?
I do know the state of health care before Obama Care. Before the ACA legislation we were the only advanced nation in which getting sick could bankrupt an entire family. Large numbers of our population died from a treatable disease, babies and children went without basic care that stunted growth and created lifelong problems. The American health care system only worked for people that did not need health care, the Insurance company business model was to collect premiums then deign claims, a highly profitable business plan for a select few while millions suffered in silence. The system that existed prior to Obama Care could classify a new born as having a preexisting condition. It was not a system for health care; it was a system for greed.
I do not know if Obama Care will be better, but it would be very difficult for it to be worse.

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