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Monday, June 17, 2013

Family values for men only

As a conservative Republican I believe in family values. Society is based on the family unit, without this basic foundation our country will fail. This is why I had to talk with the wife. A few nights ago she was late getting home from work, she had been forced into some overtime. Family values come before any silly little job and as soon as she arrived home, I demanded.
“Where is my dinner? Why is my house dirty? When are you going to finish washing my shirts?”
OK, maybe I had a little too much to drink, but she is a democrat and simply misunderstands the sanctity of family values. I had read that more women are the major “bread winner” for an increasing number of families. This is not my fault; I’ve been looking for a job! There is just not a big demand for creationist science teachers. Sure, I haven’t finished high school, but I read the bible most days. Then I found she was taking free birth control pills from the government, using my tax dollars for her entertainment! Oh yes, they take taxes out of my unemployment check. Tax, tax, tax, that is what democrats do, then they give my taxes away to the takers. I really hate those 47% of takers that pay no taxes.
We have to fix this soon, or America will be doomed, like Sweden. So called free medicine, free Obama phones (Glen Beck told me Obummer got the idea from Sweden), free food stamps (Yea, I get food stamps, but I’m a white American), all of this paid by the few hard working rich people. Well … if it wasn’t for the rich people, where would we keep the money? Huh? Can’t answer that one cans ya? Democrats never can when confronted with facts, oh no, they just start sprouting nonsense research from those atheist parasite scientist. You know all those (so called educated) socialist indoctrinating our college kids, teaching them “liberal arts” and stuff. Enough said!
So the wife just got up at left me, for no reason at all! I was trying to help her, trying to show her the right of it all. Now I’m back at church, praying for God to send me a new Good Wife. I hope she makes more money too.

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