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Saturday, July 20, 2013

You have been warned

The destruction of the American Dream is nearly complete, the work of our enemies relentless, and now, we have lost. Sell everything and move out of America, we are all doomed. There will be no God fearing Christian survivors. All retired people will be living in a single cardboard box under the over pass, fighting over the last dead rat. The government will finally destroy capitalism, causing the Dow Jones to crash below 200 in 3 minutes next week. Buy guns and bullets and cases of canned beans. Sell everything and sleep under your bed, then make your escape plans.
Big brother is watching everything (the Republicans watch your bedroom and the Democrats watch everything else). 4 million government employees are watching 316 million American citizens... all day… every day… nonstop. Every breath you take is noted, every penny you spend is marked, and every web site you visit is registered, for the government records all. Except for the 30 million illegal-Mexicans, the government doesn’t track them, these illegal-Mexican-Terrorist are part of the government’s plan to destroy our founding fathers constitution, using the illegal-Islamic-Mexican-Terrorist to take away our freedoms. The illegal-Islamic-Drug-Dealer-Mexican-Terrorist has just one purpose, to rape your daughters, take your money, burn down your home and steal your dog. The generational plan is nearing completion with the illegal-Islamic-Drug-Dealer-Mexican-Terrorist-Anchor-Babies trained in Kenya by professional Al-Qaeda insurrectionist specifically to kill YOU. The only salvation is in moving south of the border. There are no illegal Mexicans in Mexico, the Mexican government is not spying on all citizens, and the Mexicans are really very nice to American tourist. I suggest Akumal, in the state of Quintana Roo, with its white sand Caribbean beaches and low cost of living, from your hammock watch the calamity, also, Akumal’s crime rate is far lower than that of Houston, Texas.
This winter a worldwide pandemic will kill billions, a viral hemorrhagic disease starting in pigs, then spread by birds, transmitted thru mosquitoes, spread person to person with coughs, and eventually killing YOU. The government is hoarding the only known immunization drug, they will only allow certain citizens to have the cure, and you are not one of the privileged citizens. After the financial collapse the worldwide epidemic will finish off America (some foreigners also will die, but who cares?), they do this due of one thing, they hate our freedom, they hate our religion, they hate our exceptionalism, they hate our democracy, and they envy our sports teams.
Just a few years ago all this could have been kept secret, with today's internet the truth is available to all. The truth will not set you free, but it will scare you, be afraid... very, very afraid, and be sure to buy my new book “How to survive Obama’s secret plan to eradicate the human species”.
 You have been warned.

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