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Sunday, October 20, 2013

My Sunday To Do List

     Today started with a beautiful sunrise. The full moon setting in the west, a low fog lifting off the lake and gently rolling east, a cool 47 degrees, low golden red clouds on the distant eastern horizon. It took a half hour to burn away the fog. Dressed in my pajamas, wrapped in a warm house coat, holding a hot cup of coffee, I welcomed Sunday morning. Around 8 o’clock I strike out for a purchased breakfast, breakfast-on-a-bun from Whataburger, not a healthy choice but quite tasty. I waste some of the morning watching the Sunday talk shows, which I barely pay attention too, I walk the dog then wait for the Sunday football games.
     I do have a mission for today; there is purpose to my life, for I shall hang my new hammock this afternoon, most likely during half time. Coffee in hand I mentally compile my list, 1) rope, 2) hammock, 3) wall hocks. Standing on my porch I visualize the diagram, the best direction to face the hammock, how far from the ground, and make a key decision about the amount of “dip” I wish in the hammock’s center. There are additional design struggles involving the pendulum motion and type of knots to be utilized. This is the kind of engineering I love and I throw myself into the task. Mental calculations complete I retire to the lazy boy recliner and await my construction starting time. Ah, the delicious anticipation of applying my years of learning and practice.
     There are times when commitments must be made, times when one must stand for their principles, times when one must be counted. There is strength in standing boldly, there is pride in assuming personal responsibility for your actions, for today I shall hang my hammock, and then I will refill my tropical fish tank auto feeder. There is a shining city on the hill that beckons to those with the moral courage to do the right thing when it is most needed.
     Now I must lay back in my lazy boy recliner and muster my strength.

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