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Saturday, October 12, 2013

Politics and Religion

     I haven’t posted lately, I have been writing, 41 pages of short essays, but I haven’t posted any of these essays. I have written essay after essay about the insanity of congress, but haven’t posted a single one. I felt that I was writing about rain during a flood.  In exasperation I would rhetorically ask, “Can they really be this stupid”? By now we all know that, yes, they can be this stupid. I would listen to Michele Bachmann state that the Government shutdown was “The happiest day of my life”, and I would read the right wing blog sites cheering her stand with insensible logic. All this input produced an output of essays pointing out that reality, for some, no longer applied. These essays were so dreary and cheerless that I chose not to post. Instead, I tried to understand why these political leaders would pick a suicide path for all of us.
     To understand, I walked a mile in the shoes of the Birther and Tea Party Patriot, trying to see the universe from their perspective. What is intellectual dishonesty for a normal person is honorable religious belief for about 40 Congress persons, and for one Senator, it is Machiavellian politics. One Texas senator has played the game for personal political gain, risking his party and our country. I have to assume that he has a long term strategy because he certainly has no short term strategy; the other possibility is that he has no legislative idea of what he is doing. He has created unparalleled popularity and solid support with about 10% of the electorate, that small population that votes heavily in republican primaries. What does he intend for his small army of fanatics? He has enough to control republican politics, but not enough to win a general election. I could propose a diabolical plan where he subjugates America without electoral authority, however, he has already soaked up all the people that will believe conspiracy theories constructed from smoke and mirrors. It is natural to worry when all the crazies have been gathered and sworn to a single master, historically that ends badly. For now, our salvation lies in the exceedingly poor leadership of the crazies.
     Reading the publications of these constitutional patriots the underlying theme is a religious belief in our destruction. It is politics based on religion, an unholy marriage from the medieval ages, a partnership our founding fathers loath. Kings once ruled by divine right and now their chosen political leader rules by divine right. The opponents elected official is a child of Satan, and they have Biblical scripture to prove it.
     Since the root of the right wing crazies lies in religion, even bad leadership can destroy a great deal of society. These are the people that believe in the rapture, they will be whisked away to the glory of heaven just before society collapses, no need to worry about consequences. Most believe the end is near, there forth, the sooner the better. This minority religious believe of “I got mine, screw you” differs from the main stream believes of charity, love and compassion. Most of us believe that we should treat our neighbor as we wish to be treated, that we should turn the other cheek and that salvation lies in good works. My beliefs create a blind spot; I wish to credit the crazies with an undeserved charity. I have no problem understanding that a small group of Islamic religious fundamentalists can cause great harm, while missing that a small group of Christian religious fundamentalist can cause great harm.
     Once the right wing is viewed with clarity, once you accept the guiding belief system, then in all falls into place, denial of reality is required. Evolution is false because it must be false, climate change is false and even Democracy is false. Democracy is false because it allows the mass of sinners to control society, and that 47% of Americans are takers must be true, we must punish many to save them from themselves.
     Those who believe in the End of Times have a religious responsibility to make it so. The rest of us deserve what we get.

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