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Friday, December 20, 2013

Global Climate Change

     Some deny global warming, climate change if you prefer, they spit fire, stomp their feet and loudly claim all scientific evidence is faked. Then recite scientific evidence that it is all junk science. The conflicting logic is completely lost on the deniers. The major problem with the claims of the anthropogenic climate change deniers is that not a single claim they make is valid, not one piece of their evidence stands up to inspection.
     The claim that scientist predicted a global ice age in 1977? Well this is the evidence presented, the cover of Time magazine from 1977, subtitled “How To Survive The Coming Ice Age”. This is contrasted with a 2006 cover which puts on display the insanely inaccurate climate scientist


     The problem is, no such Time magazine exist. The cover is a photo shopped Time cover from 2007, a lead story about Global Warming.


     There were articles in the popular press in the late 1970s about a possible coming ice age. Stories in Time and Newsweek, what you cannot find are scientific articles about a coming ice age, not even in Popular Science, a science and technology magazine for the general reader.
     The most recent evidence from the deniers is an IPCC report that no warming has occurred in the last 15 years. Again, the problem is the complete lack of any such report by the IPCC, or any other science institution. The latest scientific data is that November 2013 was the warmest November in history. The IPCC reported that 9 of the hottest 10 years all occurred in the last decade. How can the IPCC claim the hottest years happened during the same time period that no increase in global temperature occurred? The answer is that the IPCC does not make any such claim about no temperate increase. Same applies to claims about NASA data showing 50% increases in solar ice sheets. No, the data does not indicate any such thing. Instead the data shows a steady, remorseless, increase in global temperature and rising sea levels.
     Some of the deniers have moved from complete denial to a natural cause completely independent of any human contribution. They tout proposed ideas about sun spots, there are theories that solar activity is responsible for the rise in global temperatures, however, as climate scientist collect the data and crunch through the math, the sun based idea is not panning out, all the data points to human activity as the cause.
     The deniers point to predictions made by some early climate models that proved wrong, while ignoring the larger number of predictions that proved correct. The early climate models from the 1970s and 1980s missed many important factors, the deep ocean for instance or interaction between the troposphere, the stratosphere and the mesosphere. Today’s models are much more comprehensive and the models are much closer to the complexity of the real earth.
     The deniers provide the truth about a worldwide conspiracy, involving thousands of evil scientist and corrupt government bureaucrats, all dedicated to a one world government dominated by fascists and Nazis’ socialist. In their small, dark, world it all makes perfect sense, for the rest of us the claims fall apart like tissue paper in a rain storm. Conspiracy theories are presented of faked scientific data and bureaucrats scrambling to write new Orwellian scripts all collapse upon close examination. The obviously fake antidotal stories never check out as true.
     The deniers claim to be the smart people, the only ones that see the truth, shouting that only their cherry picked science is valid, all others are blinded by progressive propaganda. Meanwhile, the earth continues to warm, it has now reached the point where it is obvious to the natural senses, and you no longer need finely calibrated instruments to detect climate change.
     I certainly wish the earth wasn’t warming, for there will be no winners from global warming. Our civilization will be tested as never before, the tragedy of global warming could be on par with a meteor strike or a mega volcano. The future is unknowable, so maybe we will only need to move New York City inland a few miles, or maybe the Dutch will engineer some really cool new dike technology. The human perchance for making lemon-aide from lemons will find opportunities and a bright future in all this global climate change disaster. At least, that is my hope.

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