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Saturday, March 22, 2014

Lost another freedom

     We all know that Apple’s Siri is the NSA’s first line of surveillance, that’s OK with me, Apple products are cool, and I don’t wish to lose any of my coolness. It isn’t Apple’s fault; the government has court orders, properly signed by a judge, and the government has the legal monopoly for all lethal violence. If you challenge the government's monopoly of violence, the government has professionally trained killers (several million professional killers actually), who will quickly provide physical proof of the government’s monopoly by shooting you. Then they will go home for dinner with the family. So Apple is going to say no to the government.
     But now the government has gone too far. I just purchased a SMART Samsung TV, the TV watches me, the TV has voice recognition, my Dell laptop automatically found the TV and started to communicate with it, and the iPhone became a remote control device. I am not a conspiracy buff, nor am I unduly paranoid, but, *just sayin’*, ya know, the government is watching every move I make. (By using the phrase *just sayin’* I don’t have to offer any reasons that my statement/belief is true). The government has taken the Free Market’s freedom to be truly free, using secret court orders the government forces manufacturers to design and install sneaky spy stuff, and then I pay extra for stuff I don’t know is there, just sayin’.
     Wire taps and stake outs are so 1960s, when I was young the men-in-black were easy to spot, they all worn white cotton socks. Now you don’t see the men-in-black at all, now it’s all drones and satellites and SMART TVs. Next it will be Robocop disguised as a bobbin head doll, just sayin’.  I really don’t care that they are listening to the German politician Angela Merkel, but watching me hid my concealed weapon? Not right I tell ya. I got my constitutional right to pack heat without anyone knowing. Thomas Jefferson said I got rights, so where does the constitution say the government can watch me watch March Madness? I’m just sayin’.
     We have a brave American patriot, Mr. Edward Snowden, who has stood up for individual freedom. I was shocked to discover that a government was monitoring me. My grandson had told me that companies where watching all my purchases, emails, text, photos, driving, shoe size and hair style, with full files for sale at about half a penny a copy. All indexed by social security number, or address, or age, or drivers license, or anything which could be profitable to anyone. I really thought I was worth more than a half penny. My other grandson told me that I had signed away all rights, privileges and ownership of any and all my online information. Apparently this happened when I clicked “accept”, just a single click and it was all gone. (How do teenagers know all this stuff?) That’s’ OK, I can trust the bank, right? Freedom is just another word for nothing left to lose, and after clicking *accept* I got nothing left; now I am truly free. Freedom isn’t anything without my iPad and SMART TV. As long as government stays out of my life I’m free. The free market will protect my freedoms; I mean they have free right in their name. I want my freedom to be exploited by the free market.
     But now president Obama has gone too far, I read a blog about how President Obama has stolen the 128 year old secrete Coca-Cola formula and given it away to the Russians, for free no less. Obama is also giving the internet to the United Nations, also for free, how will the USA spy on us if Obama gives away the internet and the sugar buzz from Coke that keeps all the spies awake? I’m *just sayin*, ya know, some of this doesn’t make any sense.

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