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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Open Letter to the Low Information Voter

Dear Low Information Voter,

      Stereotypes are colorful, descriptive, and helpful in categorizing people. Stereotypes help us understand our world, allow us to quickly divide the world into “us” and “them”. Using a stereotype I can look at a random person on the street and I instantly know what they are thinking, where they came from and their entire life history. Stereotyping allows me to understand why America is failing, and who to blame. Stereotyping reaffirms that I am better that that other person, that I am a great American, and that I care much more about future generations. I love stereotyping, it just makes me feel superior and good. Too bad stereotypes accurately describe so few people, indeed, some stereotypes describe not a single person. None the less, stereotyping is good rationalizing, excellent for reinforcing beliefs with no basis in reality.

      The dirt poor inhabitant of some ghetto is there because they chose to be poor, they cling to the cult of victimhood, because of moral weakness. Yeah, that’s right, I’m a special “maker” and they are sinful “takers”. The best way I can help these poor delusional fools is to punish them, reducing their wages and removing their benefits, that is good for them. It will build character. My stereotype of them very clearly predicts the future. Additionally, I have never been wrong.

      Political propagandist can use a stereotype to make me feel superior and smarter than “them/those people”, while making me feel better about myself. I then become fearful of the opposing politician and that politician’s followers. Having been properly reeducated, now I understand that a voting majority of Americans are communist and/or socialist, secretly plotting the destruction of western civilization. All the “Low Information Voters” are the “useful idiots” of nefarious refugees from the collapsed Soviet Union, or something like that. The details somewhat elute me, but, that is what I have read on internet blogs and heard on some cable news shows and been told by some of the political organizations. All this explains the economic problems I have, and how I can work to fix things. I just need to send the few dollars I have left to that politician who will punish the people that need to be punished. He/she is a true American Patriot and needs my support.

      I have bought all the bumper stickers and I am finally, and fully informed.  Impeach Obama, keep sick people away from doctors, America must have the lowest wages, end all benefits for lower echelon employees, end Social Security and Medicare, end all unemployment benefits, fire every government employee, teach creationist science, there is no global warming, there is no income disparity, there is no racism, there is no female wage gap, and the Congress should not pay the government’s bills.

      Obama planned the Benghazi raid, he recruited and personally trained the terrorist, armed them and then led them on the night of the raid. Obama also planned the 9/11 attacks and shot JFK in 1963. Obama is a time traveling alien from beta majoris III.  I’ve seen the videos on YouTube.

      Maybe I missed one or two items, but that is all the important stuff needed to recreate an exceptional America.

Can I get an “Amen Brother”?


A highly Informed Voter.

PS: It should be noted the impact of the Great Recession in wealth relative to the counterfactual of what wealth would have been given prior wealth accumulation trajectories. My regression-adjusted synthetic cohort-level models find that the Great Recession reduced the wealth of middle class America by 28.625%. Impeach Obama.