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Thursday, May 8, 2014

The Perfect Day

      How do I write about a perfect day? Should I write of the sensual pleasure of a cool, clean breeze caressing my body, the soothing sound of birds singing, or maybe the gentle sway of a hammock? Should I write of how I am truly blessed to have such a day, privileged beyond measure?

      Nothing happened today, part of what made it perfect. I didn’t go anywhere today, well, OK, I did go to the bathroom. The entire day passed without event. No expectations, no challenges, no schedule, me and a book, on a hammock. A very simple life was today. How to end the perfect day? I will lay it the hammock and count shooting stars tonight.

      As humans we have a deep need to Do Something. We plan, we strive, we hurry, and we rush through life. We rise early, hurry to work and then spend 8 hours Doing Something. Hurry back home, make dinner, clean the dinner plates, play with the kids, call our mother, then off to bed with the brain still motoring at 100 MPH, take an Ambien and finally fall asleep, tomorrow calls for a redo.

      Even on vacation we are driven to Do Something. Rush to catch the airplane, run to be first for the rental car, go Scuba diving, tour the Mayan ruins, rent that Jet Ski, maybe this trip we’ll sky dive.

      Today I watched other people Doing Something, while I did nothing. How do I write about the perfect day?

      Even perfection eventually becomes boring. I already feel the need to Do Something. A stirring to stand up and get moving. I’ll put it off till tomorrow. I think I will go out for breakfast in the morning.

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