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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

The True Benghazi Story

      I have been curious as to what this Benghazi incident is all about. I had thought it was just another tragedy involving American diplomats in a Middle Eastern country. A very sad, but recurring theme in the relationship between us and them. With little else to do (I am retired now), I decided to research the episode in depth. I collected relevant information from Fox News, Breitbart News, Red State, and American Thinker.

The True Benghazi story.

      A homosexual President nominates a bi-sexual Secretary of State to go kill Qdaffi. The bi-sexual Secretary of State sends an openly gay newly converted Muslim ambassador to manage a weapons smuggling operation in Benghazi. The weapons are taken from Libya, smuggled through Turkey, then into Syria, at which point the weapons are given to Al-Qaeda operatives to kill Christians. With a Presidential election underway in America all this had serious political risk, a fall back cover story about an internet film (faked by the CIA) is drafted just in case something goes wrong. The homosexual President tries to cheat a pro American Egyptian ruler. The Egyptian ruler then decides to kidnap the gay ambassador and hold him for ransom, then exchanging him for a “blind sheik”. An American general in Germany (who doesn’t know the secret plan), starts to fight back and is immediately ordered by the homosexual president to “stand down”. Things quickly spiral out of control and the openly gay ambassador is murdered, plus three more Americas. At this point the democratic party cabal running this entire scam sends a power mad, and extremely arrogant, Susan Rice to blame everything on the internet film (that fall back cover story). The political futures of the homosexual president and the bi-sexual Secretary of State (she is also a drunk), is saved, and that is why Governor Romney lost the election. Candy Crowley plays a significant role by torpedoing Mitt Romney at a carefully plan moment.

      In the interest of clarity I have presented just the bare facts, the straight story. This has been peer-reviewed by the smartest of people using only crystal clear rational thinking. Digging out the facts has been hard work by a dedicated group of enlightened, honest, investigative reporters with integrity and honor.

      But, this is only the tip of the iceberg. The original plan was created in a gay bath house in Chicago, attended by the LGBT and Feminist political leaders of Great Brittan, Germany and France. All part of the One World Government’s never ending effort to take our freedom and destroy our liberty.

      Why haven’t more people heard of these facts? Simply because the Main Stream Media is under the control of the One World Government, the MSM is completely in the pocket of the liberals. Logic alone predicts that liberals must protect their satanic homosexual President. Liberals will believe anything they are told, only free and independent thinking Christians can understand and accept the real truth. The masses have been brainwashed since kindergarten to follow orders, the few that went to college had all ability for independent rational thinking removed. Wake up, people.

      Given what we now know, what can we conjecture? We must be careful to not become farfetched, reaching the uninformed public is too important. We must stay close to the verified truth, then any sane person will conclude that impeachment is essential. Once the truth is out, all Americans will vote straight Republican.  The tyrant will be in chains, locked away in Gitmo awaiting execution. That would be a start to slowing the Marxist Islamic Mexican invasion. A fight to the finish against Agenda-21, CORE education, NSA spying, IRS suppression, fast and furious, etc., etc.

      That is the true story of Benghazi. It did take about 4 hours to do the research.

      It seems to me that if I ever need to argue with a conservative, I should just keep him talking, eventually he would scare anyone.

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