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Monday, June 30, 2014

Who's the socialist?

      Of course I received much push back from the internet’s political ideologues about my theory that the earliest civilizations were socialist (The Birth of Civilization). The earliest societies had a safety net, the lame and poor and losers all received government stipends. Yes, I got push back from those who find life’s deepest secretes on bumper stickers.

      So, a small test for you. Two compositions, written 4,000 years apart. One is praise for King Shulgi of Sumer and Akkad, chanted in ancient temples. The other titled “Great Stalin, O leader of the peoples.” Published 1 February, 1935, in Pravda.

      Here is the first.
Who is as mighty as you, and who rivals you?
Who is there who from birth was richly endowed with understanding as you?
May your heroism shine forth, and may your might be respectfully praised!

      And here is the second.

Thou who broughtest man to birth.
Thou who fructifies the earth,
Thou who restorest the centuries,
Thou who makest vibrate the musical chords…
Thou, splendor of my spring,
O thou,
Sun reflected by millions of hearts.

       I am not going to tell you which was King Shulgi and which Comrade Stalin. An easy google search will answer the question…

      … Oh, alright, the first was written for King Shulgi.

      Humans are a mass of contradictions, the more I learn the more we seem impossible. We should not even exist. The last 10,000 years have shown an accelerated genetic human evolution, while at the same time the earliest writings could have been written today. Biblical writings from 3,000 years pass, listing the seven deadly sins, apply fully to the Wall Street crash of 2008. Biological evolution allowing adults to drink milk and cultural evolution creating representative government. At the same time that we have evolved, we have not changed. I find it hard to believe all this is random.

      Carl Sagan said we are the universe’s way of knowing itself. I think the universe is very confused. I am certainly confused, but loving every minute of it.

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Shirley said...

If I understand correctly, I agree with you: man has not changed. For 10,000 years, man's physical body has not changed and neither has his character.