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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

WW3 and fighting the terrorist

      It is clear from all the news channels that we are in WW3. It is us or them.

      My strategy is simple, we need to destroy the terrorist infrastructure. All armies have to have “Beans and Bullets” to fight, end the terrorist's productive capabilities and victory is ours. I have used the internet to backtrack their source of bullets and armament. The bullets are manufactured in a small armaments plant in Massachusetts, much of the guns and artillery comes from Illinois and Missouri. A few cruise missiles launched from submarines safely offshore, and BOOM, no more bullets or guns for the terrorist. I saw a picture of the terrorist armored personal carriers and backtrack that to a plant in Texas, about half way between San Antonio and Houston. Another easy target.

      The “Beans” are a little harder to take out. The food originates in an immense valley in California. This will probably need “agent orange”, or some kind of poison to handle.

      Once their infrastructure is destroyed we need to go after their source of funding. A little research online and I found the terrorist “money machine”. It is gas stations spread across the land. This is another easy target for aerial attack. We could launch ground attack fighter aircraft from aircraft carriers a safe distance offshore. Using slow and low flying drones to identify the individual gas stations the bombers could slowly take out each one.

      The war strategy I am proposing has no boots on the ground, this is exclusively an air campaign. We will need a few “Seal Team Six” guys wearing tennis shoes to repatriate our fly boys, maybe even recruit some local inhabitants to create safe zones. The locals appear to be heavily armed, so, the special force guys could train some locals to fight the terrorist.

      This is war and we have to play to win, no half measures.

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