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Monday, December 7, 2015

The New World Order is coming for YOU!

It has been a long road to the current threat of a NewWorldOrder. This is a brief outline of the story.

Nine thousand years before the present, the world’s first city, with at least 150 mud brick dwellings and several thousand permanent inhabitants, existed in a central Anatolia (Current day Turkey) marshy plain. Catalhoyuk was really more of a village than a city, but archaeology has to start somewhere, and Catalhoyuk is described as a community “at the threshold of civilization.”

The first true cities came into being in the Tigris-Euphrates (current day Syria and Iraq). Humans rather quickly invented inequality, state organized warfare, taxes, and centralized population control. We divided into those who cook the gravy and those who eat the gravy. At the time there was no preexisting model to study or build from, no existing template for civilization. These original starting points of civilization developed by a trial and error approach from tribes that gave up the hunter-gatherer life style and became sedentary, agriculture was another invention for which no template existed. All this required maybe 2,000 years before we get Babylon and Uruk. Basically those organizations successful at warfare replaced those organization that were not successful at warfare, this was the process that created the first city states and civilization. Plus a lot of dead soldiers.

Another thing present from the beginning was elites determined to rule the world. Kingdoms eventually become empires, but no one has every ruled the world. The elites never gave up the dream, Alexander the Great, Caesar, Genghis Khan, Queen Elizabeth I, Napoleon and now Donald Trump all harbor the aspiration.

Elites have tried everything from a highly-centralized system of control and authority, to a diffused system of semi-independent local elites, and all eventually collapsed. In every case the elites destroyed the polity and then destroyed themselves. The elites have never managed to move beyond short sighted greed. The archeological record is clear, from the first city-states to the present, the results never varies.

Given that elites have been trying unsuccessfully to bring everyone under their tenderhearted control for 9,000 years, one has to wonder, is there a fundamental limiting factor, or have we just not invented the correct sociopolitical structure?

How would it be organized, how would it be governed, what is the economic model? Currently the world’s largest governments can barely hold themselves together, the EU is spinning and wobbling, America has a government that is mostly inoperable. China, Russia and India all have serious problems. So what is the model for a One-World-Government? It appears that governments are already at their largest possible size. How do you get 7 billion people to follow a single government?

The writing of conspiracy theory folks gives us “Brave New World”, “1984”, and “The Hunger Games”. “The Lord of the Rings” had the common hobbit pitted against world domination by the Dark Lord Sauron. Other than magic rings and hypothetical mind control technology the practical nuances of world control is never outlined. Outside this short list of the best of the genre, the more numerous writings appear as paranoid rants. Most warning that we are mere weeks from being subjugated, the recent “Jade Helm 15” fantasy by the Texas governor being rather typical.

I think the NewWorldOrder threat is a fantasy, an acceptable fear used by some people to hold at bay the really scary stuff. The same people that are fearful of a supernatural all powerful government deny global warming. Both beliefs require acceptance of a worldview based on the impossible. The conspiracy fans gather in insulated bubbles and tell each other how super smart they are, claim to possess hyper-sharp critical thinking skills, and they call out for the rest of us to “wake up sheeple”. I find it all mildly entertaining, like watching the guy with a “The End is Near” sign dodging traffic.

That’s today’s thought from a hammock on an undisclosed Caribbean beach.

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