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Thursday, December 10, 2015

The NewWorldOrder - Part 2

Relaxing in my hammock, I continue thinking about the NewWorldOrder problem. I had originally concluded that it was impossible. I had been thinking in political terms, thinking about armies and air forces followed by government administrators. I was thinking of America’s attempts to spread the blessings of equal rights and self-determination with cruise missiles and F-15s. That is, I think, misguided and short-sighted and will ultimately fail.

I had failed to consider religion as a factor in the NewWorldOrder. I had missed the greatest religion mankind has ever imagined, Capitalism and its principle god, Money. The holy sacraments of Supply and Demand combined with the liturgy of Carried Interest Rates can subjugate any nation, enslave any community, and defeat any rebel. I realize now that I had not been thinking big enough.

Our current nemesis is ISIS, they are determined to destroy America and bring us under the sway of sharia law. They reject our Greco Roman heritage, wishing to replace it with their Arabic Islamic heritage. They curse all things Western ... except money. They work daily to increase their money, they worship at the altar of international trade, and they advertise their capitalist success. They don’t realize they have already lost, welcome to the NewWorldOrder brother.

The NewWorldOrder is not just possible, it has already conquered. We all know that money is imaginary, government issued colored paper with no intrinsic value. I only accept it because I believe you will accept it from me. Money is a mass hallucination we all accept, including the most deadly foes of Western democracy.

I am on a sandy Caribbean beach, swinging gently in a hammock, expanding my cultural horizons with a cold cerveza, all acquired with pesos’. Dollars or Euros would also work, but the money priest (bankers) explain that I should convert to the local denomination in the interest of financial efficiency. The priest get a tithe by preforming the miracle of financial efficiency, with the skill of an alchemist they convert dollars into pesos, now I have different government colored paper. I feel so much better now.

The world will not be conquered by armies, it will be subdued by accountants, then ruled by stock brokers. Relax brothers and sisters, it is all for your own good.

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