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Sunday, January 3, 2016

The End is Near

We have only a few weeks left before the end, with the end all will become darkness, life itself will be meaningless, existence without hope. We all see it coming, the precise date, even to the minute, is predicted. The end is near and there is nothing anyone can do to alter it, it cannot be postponed, it cannot be stopped, you cannot hide from it. Enjoy what little time you have left. Some will  welcome the end, many selfish males will celebrate the end, and many lonely females can hardly wait for the end. For me, I will shed tears while I rush toward the end and embrace it.

The regular football season is over, next the playoffs, then the super bowl.

The college bowls have ended with only the “National Championship Game” to be played.

I tried to watch every professional football game, and I tried to watch every college bowl game, being retired gave me the opportunity, but during the last week of bowl games my brain became mush. I started to have problems with basic task, getting up off the couch became something like a slow-motion replay, deja-vu with an announcer. The sumptuous table-top munchies became tasteless, I couldn’t follow any nonsports conversation. I no longer cared who won, I didn't know if I was watching the Cougars or Utes or Spartans. And then, suddenly, the end was near, and my head was packed with mud.

Oh sure, my OneWorldOrder masters will try to distract me with this national election for an American president, but really, who cares? How can personal smears between "perfect" candidates stack up against football. The honesty of athletics vs the pandering of the candidates. Would you rather watch some boring debate about which Middle Eastern country we bomb next, or watch a fourth and goal play in the final seconds of a close football game? The football game is far more real, imagine all the bets won or lost by that single event, that play will determine the slogans on countless t-shirts. The candidate is promising something they will never actually do, the football player is putting it all on the line, and the football player means it. Who do you trust to do the right thing, Donald Trump or Peyton Manning?

Our secret OneWorldOrder masters have already chosen the next American president, but I believe they let the best athletes win the super bowl. No one knows who will win the super bowl, although the smart money is betting the Houston Texans will go all the way.

Yes indeed, repent ye sinners, for the end is near.

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